Upcoming Turkish Series 2022

 Upcoming Turkish Series 2022

It is known that the production of Turkish series continues throughout the year, so there are always Turkish series that are shown throughout the season.

In this Article, I will present to you New Turkish series that will be shown soon.

Upcoming Turkish Series 2022

 Upcoming Turkish Series 2022

مسلسل ثلاث إخوات

Uç Kiz Kardesler ( 3 Sisters ) 

Three Sisters is a true story about 3 sisters and their adopted brother, and the relationship they have with their parents, Sadik and Nesrin.
Sisters who lived their lives happily and far from the brutality of the world will grow up and will have to face the biggest secrets and difficulties later on, and that will be very difficult.

قصة مسلسل القاضي

Hakim - Your Honor 

After his son runs into a man's murder and gets away with his car, a law enforcement judge discovers the toughest option, when he must do the unimaginable to protect his son.

قصة مسلسل إسمه حب

Adi Sevgi -  Called Love

The series revolves around violence against women and the marriage of girls at an early age.

قصة مسلسل الفزاعة المزينة

Suslu Korkuluk 

A complex tailor suffers from very emotional disturbances. He has a sick father with the mind of a child, upon the death of his grandfather the tailor will have to bring his father, who is always ashamed of him, to Istanbul and he will bring a nanny to take care of him

مسلسل ابني

Oglum - My Son 

A 6-year-old boy named Kaan, who is from a family suffering from financial difficulties, and the 12-year-old child Cem, who is addicted to computer games and from an average family.

The two children's road will cross by chance and a terrifying event will happen that will change their lives upside down.

To my last breath

A female police officer who lives in a crime-ridden area.

Her life and marriage were destroyed because of her daughter who committed suicide after they raped her, leaving her son, whom she gave birth to, in the care of his grandmother.

مسلسل البريئ والجميلة

Masum ve Guzel - Innocent and Beautiful

The series will tell the touching story of two sisters who grew up in the orphanage.

مسلسل الطفل سر الأم

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk

The series stars Irem Helvacioglu and Engin Ozturk

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