The Iron Woman: movie starring Naz çagla Irmak

 The Iron Woman: movie starring Naz Cagla Irmak.

The Iron woman starring Naz Cagla Irmak , will be shown soon, which will tell the story of Neslican Tay, a young Turkish woman who battled cancer.
The Iron Woman: movie starring Naz Cagla Irmak.

Naz Cagla Irmak aims to bring Neslican's inspiring life story to screen in the most realistic way possible.

Cast of The Iron Woman:

Naz Cagla Irmak
Yurdaer Okur
Deniz Ugur
Zeynep Elçin
Ozge Sezenci
Ahmet Haktan Zavlak
Seyma Biçi
Hassan Deniz Yaran
Cansu Firinci
Meral Setin Kaya
Sedef Sahin
Ilker Aksum
Nisa Sofiya Aksongur
Mesut Akusta

The Iron Woman's Story

The film revolves around Neslivan's difficult treatment journey that began with her diagnosis of cancer, the strong support she has received from her family, environment, and social media throughout this period, and her inspiring life, in which she is firmly committed to her dreams.

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