Latest Turkish series of summer 2021

 Latest Turkish series of summer 2021

The summer is not only for swimming, but also for watching new Turkish series that are full of romance and comedy.

Latest Turkish series of summer 2021

List of Latest Turkish series of summer 2021

Baht Oyunu 

Baht Oyunu
Baht Oyunu , starring Cemre Baysel and Aytas Şaşmaz.
We always come across the right man at the wrong time and place.
Ada, who thinks she won't be happy forever after experiencing a failed romance with her first boyfriend, will no longer believe in love again.
But when she meets Bora, who has no room for emotions in his life, she will question her beliefs once again and discover the true love that she has always been searching for.

Kalp yarasi (Heart wound ).

Kalp yarasi (Heart wound )

The series Kalp yarasi  starring  Gökhan Elkan, Yamur Transivesin, Merve çagiran 

Ferit Sancakzade is the cherished heir apparent of one of the well-established families of Antakya. 
But what will happen when Feret is betrayed by his fiancée Hande a few days before their wedding.

Askin Tarifi ( Recipe Of Love)

Askin Tarifi ( Recipe Of Love)

Askin Tarifi starring kadir dogulu , serra arriturk ..
Firat who was preparing himself for his wedding, his fiancée will run away on their wedding day because  Mr doctor Love  who made his fiancée back from marrying him, but what will happen when Firat decides to take revenge on this doctor.

 Bir Ada Masali - Island Tale series

Bir Ada Masali - Island Tale series

Bir ada masali starring Alp Navruz and Ayça Turan. The series revolves around a young man named Deniz who grew up with his grandmother in Izmir.
He will meet Haziran , a beautiful and ambitious business woman .
The love that will arise from the disagreements of the two with opposite characters.

Bas Belasi "The Misfortune of My Head"

Bas Belasi "The Misfortune of My Head"

Bas belasi starring Irem helfafcioglu and Ceskin Ozdemir.
A story about a young female psychologist who once had a beautiful family and a young male police officer. They met and decided to solve cases together.

Ikimizin Sirri

Our Secret

Our secret ( ikimizin sirri ) starring Leyla Feray , Aras Aydin a poor and lonely mother with a beautiful 7-year-old daughter; He will tell about the marriage he made with a wealthy businessman whose mother is sick.

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